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2016 Calendar of Events for the Chautauqua Institution

Situated on the grounds of the Chautauqua Institute, the Tally-Ho and the Mardelle are ideal places to stay and enjoy the daily events for which the Institute is famous. Daily events include lectures by dignitaries past and present as well as plays, musicals, symphonies, and performances at multiple venues within the grounds. Each week of the summer season carries a theme which runs through all of the talks and lectures. This year themes include:

Week 1 - June 25 - July 2 - Roger Rosenblatt & Friends: On Creative Expression
Week 2 - July 2 - 9 - Money and Power
Week 3 - July 9 - 16 - Moral Leadership in Action
Week 4 - July 16 - 23 - Our Search for Another Earth
Week 5 - July 23 - 30 - People and Environment in Partnership with National Geographic Society
Week 6 - July 30 - 6 - The Future of Cities
Week 7 - Aug 6 - 13 - Pushing Our Bodies' Limits
Weel 8 - Aug. 13 - 20 - War and Its Warriors: Contemporary Voices
Week 9 - Aug 20 - 28 - America's Music with Wynton Marsalis and Jazz at Lincoln Center

Activities on the Grounds

If the structured events of the Institute aren't your style there is an abundance of activities within the grounds to entertain the children or the inner-child in you. While many think that reading a book on the beach by the Bell Tower is an ideal way to pass the day, below are just a few suggestions for a lively afternoon. Do everything or do nothing, no one will judge you. We here at the Tally-Ho and the Mardelle just want to make your stay as pleasant as possible. 

  • Swimming in the lake
  • Bocce and Lawn Bowling
  • Tennis courts
  • Golf courses (located just off the grounds) 
  • Shopping in the Institute commons
  • Hiking in the trails around the Hutton House
  • Pampering yourself at a spa
  • Sailing
  • Bicycling (if needed, rentals available on the grounds)
Official Chautauqua Institute Calendar
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